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Help is on its Way

Yes, I should be grateful. I am grateful. Another trip to Houston for a followup consult and a plan is in place. This afternoon I got a call from Home Health Care and a 5 day IV steroid regimen will … Continue reading

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Change of Priorities with CIDP

I have committed to once again do yoga on a daily basis. I have read a couple of books in the past that enumerate several benefits – one was Scott Eblin’s book Overworked and Overwhelmed. Scott was diagnosed with MS … Continue reading

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One Annoyance from CIDP

I would have to say that one of the most noticeable annoyance CIDP has given me is that it has turned me into a mouth breather. Unless I am in a chair or laying down – my body constantly feels … Continue reading

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Finding the name

Up until just recently I had never heard of CIDP. I had suspected that I had neuropathy for several months but my doctor insisted that I was too young. I had only had issues with my feet, but one morning … Continue reading

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