My Home Page AP List

My phone is the first Moto Droid.


•    music player widget

•    google search bar

•    messaging

•    gallery

•    vlingo tap and speak widget

•    foursquare

•    google listen

•    shazam

•    weatherbug

This music player widget comes with the android operating system. It works and it’s simple. I have tried several other music players but the others seem to just over complicate things. The layout of this widget is a the name of the song / artist to the right, then a pause/play with a next button. Pretty simple, I like simple so it works for me.

The google search bar is a must for your home screen. This is one thing that i rub in my friends face about his iPhone. “Oh wait, you have to open safari to get to google to search? I dont” I think everyone uses google search, I use it multiple times a day. It also has a button next to the bar that lets you talk to search. Pretty sweet if you are to busy to type out what you need and much safer when you are on the road.**only search i would recommend**

The messaging really isn’t a must. I’m always texting someone so It was extremely convienent for me to add that to the list. I really havent tried other messaging aps. But I really wouldnt recommend downloading them. Messaging is really simple and the developer of this phone made the messaging program specifc for this phone. So use it!!

Gallery is pretty cool, I am always taking photos with my phone. So I’m always showing people my pictures. If you have a lot of photos it can take a while to load them. But it list your galleries if a typical grid layout. Once you touch an album boom there’s pictures in the same layout. It works and its way simple. Love it. I have yet to use any other gallery aps on the market because just like the messaging, it came with the phone and it works great.

vlingo is one sweet ap, google has speak to text, but vlingo knocks them out of the water. I love my button that I hit and I can give it commands up to search for a business, text someone, or call someone. You can literally hit the button, say ” Text Mom, I am on my way home!” There you have it typed out and ready to send. I love this ap for road trips because well… texting and driving dont mix and this solves that problem very easily!

Foursquare is a cool ap as well.  It’s an ap that lets you check in to places around you. Once you check into that place enough you can become the mayor. It seems kind of cheezy but its fun to compete with your friends! I think at first this ap was just a way to help you keep track of friends and what they are doing. But you are able to leave tips and any place that you have been to. So lets say you get terrible service at billy bobs down the road. Get on foursquare and let people know! I also have noticed that business have been offering specials like free drinks or discounts if you are the mayor of their business! To cool for school if you ask me, I love anything free.

Google listen is what I use to listen to my podcast! Its really simple to use and it will automatically download podcast that you have not listened to! I love listening to maximumm pc and mac life. There are tons of podcast to suscribe to and most of it is free.

Shazam is one of the coolest aps out right now, especially since its free! Let’s say you hear a song on the radio, and now radio stations really dont say the name of the song once the song is done playing! So now with this ap you can let you phone listen to the song and it will tell you what song it is! You can even click on amazons link and buy the cd straight from them. Now sometimes in restraunts it will pick the song up just fine, but sometimes it wont. But this ap is free and I have found a lot of songs with it that I have been wondering who sang them!

weatherbug is alright, it def. isn’t amazing. It takes forever for this ap to receive updates on what a storm is doing, or it will be raining and finally the ap will show rain. However, I think its much better than the weather channels ap. Their ap took two days for it finally recongize that I lived in Belton. How dumb is that, and you have to be wondering why did you wait two days for it to load. Well I really wanted to see how long it would take so I could make fun of it! But weather bug has its bugs but Im sure they will be fixed!

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Hello, My name is Jordan Sims. I'm a software developer for The Better Source. I have 1 year of android development and I am current going to school for High Performance Computing.
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