Getting market on your Color nook with Honeycomb :D

Hello again,

I am following up on my recent post to show you how to get the market on your new color nook. The process is fairly easy but slightly harder than the last post.


What you will need:


You will need to have adb set up already with android sdk.

You will need to load the drivers to let you computer “talk” with the nook

Download Vending.apk, and GoogleServicesFramework.apk.


Step one:

Connect your nook with honeycomb running to your pc. hit the windows button and r to open the run menu. type cmd and press enter. you will see a screen pop up like below.


Before we go on to changing the directories copy the Vending.apk, and GoogleServicesFramework.apk into the tools folder of the android sdk.  Next you want to change directories to your android sdk folder.  type cd and the path to your tools folder in your android sdk folder.

in my case I’ll type:

“cd  /C:\Users\Jordan\Desktop\android-sdk_r08-windows\tools”


Step 2:

Your next step is to see if the adb is communicating with your nook.

Type:”adb devices”

You should see your devices listed with an id number. If you do not make sure that the color nook is on and make sure you have the drivers set up for the nook.

next type: “adb remount ”

You should see the terminal change to remount successful.

type: “adb push Vending.apk /system/app”

then type: “adb push GoogleServicesFramework.apk /system/app ”

you should see something similar to the picture below.

Step 3:

Your almost finished!

Type in “adb shell”

then: “cd /system/app ”

You are going to want to change the permissions of the Vending.apk, and GoogleServicesFramework.apk.

Type: “chmod 6755 Vending.apk”

you should see comfirmation “chmod 6755 Vending.apk”

Type: “chmod 6755 GoogleServicesFramework.apk”

just like the Vending.apk you should see a confirmation.

Type: “exit”

Type: “adb reboot”

Your color nook will reboot and you now have the market. Enjoy!!

Last notes-

I had a few issues when i would be going from rom to rom on my nook. I would constantly get a GoogleServicesFramework.apk force close. I fixed this by going into the the settings of the device, click application, go into the manage application. Click the all tab and go to the GoogleServicesFramework and clear the data, do the same with your contact storage. ** This erase all of your contacts, create a back up! ** Reboot your devices and the force close should be fixed. I will post any other bugs that i find and hopefully fixes with them.


**all credit goes to the xda developers, they are awesome!!


About Jordan

Hello, My name is Jordan Sims. I'm a software developer for The Better Source. I have 1 year of android development and I am current going to school for High Performance Computing.
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