Bluetooth comes to the Color Nook with CM7

The color nook has moved up in the world even further. I was reading a post at the xda-developers site on how Cyanogen was able to get the Bluetooth chip in the color nook to turn on but only for a little while and the connection would be very weak. I am currently running CM7RC2 on a 8gb class 4 micro sdcard. I have gone ahead and kept the changes that I have made for my nook strictly because it’s much more stable plus this hack is so simple that it was almost disappointing. This hack has had a lot of issues with ClockWorkMod, I have yet to be able to use ROM manager. My Bluetooth is working so far with only small bugs. I have read post that people have been able to pair Wii remotes with the nook to play on their emulators, and some people have even been able to pair keyboards. I have yet to try either of these but as soon as I do I’ll be sure and post which products are working for me and I’m hoping to get some feedback from other people on what products do work with the color nook.

In preparation for this hack you will need:

The generic sd card .img. Grab the installer image here:

CM7 RC2 <- go to xda-developers site for a download.


Step 1:

Put the generic sd card img onto your sd card. Make sure that there is nothing else on the card before hand.

DO NOT UNZIP the cm7 When I first tried this hack I was very confused in this step. If you upzip the this will not work. Place the into your sd card.

Put the sd card into your color nook and start it up.

You now have CM7 with bluetooth!

If you have any issues with your bluetooth not turning on make sure you do a hard reboot with the color nook. You can accomplish this by holding down the power button for about 10 – 15 seconds. Do this instead up selecting reboot, or power off on the menu. Once you turn your color nook back on your bluetooth should work. The only problem I have had with this build is the video quality is not up to par, but it’s much more stable than the nookhoney.


Much thanks goes to the developers of xda, thank you.


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