bug fixes for Short Timer

A new update is now available on the Android Market and soon to be available on the Amazon market as well.

Bug fixes include:

Add New Project, Alarm, and Export All Buttons fixed in History tab views

adjustments were made with the notification for the alarm. I added a Text To Speech Notification instead of the default ringtone. Now short timer reads aloud what alarm has expired.

With the new layout you can easily manage multiple timers and cancel when need be. The new layout also includes the ‘complete task upon completion’ which allows you to start up messaging and the phone dialer once your alarm has expired.

Thanks Short Timer users for all of your support, We will continue to make this product even better for you!


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Hello, My name is Jordan Sims. I'm a software developer for The Better Source. I have 1 year of android development and I am current going to school for High Performance Computing.
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  1. Thats good, your blog is cool, i like it. Thanks for the efforts my friend.

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