Change of Priorities with CIDP

I have committed to once again do yoga on a daily basis. I have read a couple of books in the past that enumerate several benefits – one was Scott Eblin’s book Overworked and Overwhelmed. Scott was diagnosed with MS in 2009. I do not pretend to know enough of CIDP or MS to have any expectations on how yoga can help with CIDP. I just know that I cannot continue on this downward trajectory while I wait for treatment. Last night after coming home from work – the slightest movement left me gasping for air. I have given a couple of half hearted efforts in the mornings since my diagnosis but never on a consistent basis. This morning I made it through a 15 minute session and focused primarily on breathing. It was a good workout. The tingling sensation radiates significantly with circular motions in my hands, arms and feet. For the last 2 days, the sensation has changed a bit to also feel a little heat and my back is now having sensations. I was encouraged with my breathing during the “yoga” session. It is most likely that subconsciously or involuntarily my body is in a panic state and I have been taking short shallow breaths.

Stem cells could be on the horizon. I will be bring it up on my followup consult in Houston on Thursday.

Last night I was very discouraged but this morning after a somewhat restful night and an end to a long work week, I am looking forward to a productive day working on a long neglected to do list around the house.

Life is good.

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Basil has over twenty years of programming experience from a wide variety of industries including warehouse distribution, insurance, state licensing for trucking industry, and discount retail. Programming language experience has predominantly been for IBM’s AS400 platform – CL, RPG, COBOL, Queries, Managed Queries, APF, SQL, Synon, Visual Basic and C++. He obtained his masters from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor in 2007.
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