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Short Timer-TBS

Short Timer-TBS is the mobile timer for all short timers.

This application is currently available on the android market and the amazon market. The Better Source, Inc. offers you both a LITE and PRO version of Short Timer-TBS. The LITE version allows you to experience Short Timer-TBS for free as a trial before you make a purchase. The Pro version is only 1.99 and allows you to use all of Short Timer-TBS features. The Better Source, Inc. continues to work on Short Timer-TBS to add even more feature and to make this product better for you. If you have and questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact us as we are here for you.


  • create multiple projects
  • track total hours worked
  • export total hours worked as IIF, CSV, and HTML report
  • option to bill by project, client, or employee name
  • create multiple alarms
  • options with the alarm that include ‘complete task upon completion’
  • these options allow you to start your phone dialer or messaging application when alarm expires
  • History view allows you to view all exported and non-exported projects by week, last week, this week, this month, and last month

You can find Short Timer-TBS on the Android Market here and on the Amazon Market here.


Recent Updates:

The most recent updates for Short Timer-TBS LITE and PRO are now available on the android market. This update includes: New Project, Alarm, and Export buttons force close fix in the History screen. Graphical adjustments made in main and edit screens. You may have noticed a major changes in the Alarm screen. We have added the ability to create multiple alarms and the ability to cancel these alarms when need be. We have also made adjustments to the notifications for the alarm, instead of your default notification sound going off. Short Timer-TBS will now read the notification message to you.

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