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Reader For Twitter

Reader for Twitter is an android application that allows you to log in to your twitter account and hear tweets read out loud using Google’s Text To Speech. With this application you can easily keep up to date with new tweets through out the day.  This is the only application on the android market that allows you to hear your tweets read to you.


refresh rate- allowing you to set the reader to read at certain intervals such as every 10-30 mins, on the hour, and on the half hour.

Post tweets easily using Voice to Text.

Download Reader for Twitter on the Android Market here.

Recent Updates

version 1.6.5

Added Tweet Feed – Allows you to view tweets in a twitter like list view.

ICS bug fixes

Layout bug fixes

Added Quiet Hours option in preferences. When enabled Reader will not read during the selected hours.


Using Reader

Click Read to start Reader. Use the preference to adjust how many tweets you would like to hear and how often you would like to hear them. Click Stop when you would like to stop reader. Use Reread if you may have missed something on the last read items.

Quiet Hours

From the Settings screen, Select the From & Time for when you would like to Reader to stop Reading. Then Click the Enable Quiet Hours Check Box.

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    I thought finding this would be so arduuos but it’s a breeze!

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