Short Timer TBS gets make over

Short Timer TBS v 1.6 update released with some pleasant graphical changes. The changes include Moving the New Project, Timer, and Export all buttons to the main screen. This allows you to create new projects quickly and get to work faster than ever. Short Timer TBS will receive even more graphical updates soon so keep an eye out. Let us know how we are doing and what we can do to make this awesome product even better for you! Thank you Short Timer users for all of your support!!

Download Short Timer TBS v 1.6 here

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Read It Now Update Released V 1.1.1

Read It Now Update v 1.1.1 is now available on the android market.

Changes include:

bug fixes

graphical fixes

adjustments to Reader Screen text

Download Read It Now here

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Read It Now released v.1.0 Beta

The Better Source presents Read It Now v.1.0

Read It Now is an android application that offers an easy solution for you to read websites. Share pages with Read It Now and it will simplify the website into easy to read text with one click you can start Google’s Text To Speech to have the website read to you. Don’t Read It Later, Read It Now.



android platform 2.2+

Google’s Text To Speech engine(we recommend Svox for the Highest quality)

You can download Read It Now here.

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Need to export CSV files?

Annoyed of apps that promise a simple way to track hours and export to a csv file? The Better Source has your solution, Short Timer TBS. Short Timer TBS offers an easy and cheap solution for you. This is an android application that allows you to keep track of multiple projects with total hours worked, and bill them through a CSV or IIF files. Short Timer TBS has an very easy to use interface with the option for one click clock in and clock out options. Don’t get stuck using complicated applications that, choose the simple solution. Choose Short Timer TBS

check out Short Timer TBS here:

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Reader for Twitter

Reader for Twitter is an application that reads tweets to you. This application also allows you to post tweets using Google’s Voice Recognition. Reader for Twitter never made it so easy to keep up with your tweets.
Features include:
Speech to Text for Posting Tweets
Text to Speech to Read existing Tweets

Refresh Rate so that you can receive tweets throughout your day.


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You must have Text to Speech engine and voice search installed for this application to work properly.


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ShortTimer – Lite release

ShortTimer just got even better, a free trial version! This trial version allows you to take ShortTimer out on a test drive without hurting your wallet. So Try it, Like it, Buy it!!

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Bluetooth comes to the Color Nook with CM7

The color nook has moved up in the world even further. I was reading a post at the xda-developers site on how Cyanogen was able to get the Bluetooth chip in the color nook to turn on but only for a little while and the connection would be very weak. I am currently running CM7RC2 on a 8gb class 4 micro sdcard. I have gone ahead and kept the changes that I have made for my nook strictly because it’s much more stable plus this hack is so simple that it was almost disappointing. This hack has had a lot of issues with ClockWorkMod, I have yet to be able to use ROM manager. My Bluetooth is working so far with only small bugs. I have read post that people have been able to pair Wii remotes with the nook to play on their emulators, and some people have even been able to pair keyboards. I have yet to try either of these but as soon as I do I’ll be sure and post which products are working for me and I’m hoping to get some feedback from other people on what products do work with the color nook.

In preparation for this hack you will need:

The generic sd card .img. Grab the installer image here:

CM7 RC2 <- go to xda-developers site for a download.


Step 1:

Put the generic sd card img onto your sd card. Make sure that there is nothing else on the card before hand.

DO NOT UNZIP the cm7 When I first tried this hack I was very confused in this step. If you upzip the this will not work. Place the into your sd card.

Put the sd card into your color nook and start it up.

You now have CM7 with bluetooth!

If you have any issues with your bluetooth not turning on make sure you do a hard reboot with the color nook. You can accomplish this by holding down the power button for about 10 – 15 seconds. Do this instead up selecting reboot, or power off on the menu. Once you turn your color nook back on your bluetooth should work. The only problem I have had with this build is the video quality is not up to par, but it’s much more stable than the nookhoney.


Much thanks goes to the developers of xda, thank you.


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Getting market on your Color nook with Honeycomb :D

Hello again,

I am following up on my recent post to show you how to get the market on your new color nook. The process is fairly easy but slightly harder than the last post.


What you will need:


You will need to have adb set up already with android sdk.

You will need to load the drivers to let you computer “talk” with the nook

Download Vending.apk, and GoogleServicesFramework.apk.


Step one:

Connect your nook with honeycomb running to your pc. hit the windows button and r to open the run menu. type cmd and press enter. you will see a screen pop up like below.


Before we go on to changing the directories copy the Vending.apk, and GoogleServicesFramework.apk into the tools folder of the android sdk.  Next you want to change directories to your android sdk folder.  type cd and the path to your tools folder in your android sdk folder.

in my case I’ll type:

“cd  /C:\Users\Jordan\Desktop\android-sdk_r08-windows\tools”


Step 2:

Your next step is to see if the adb is communicating with your nook.

Type:”adb devices”

You should see your devices listed with an id number. If you do not make sure that the color nook is on and make sure you have the drivers set up for the nook.

next type: “adb remount ”

You should see the terminal change to remount successful.

type: “adb push Vending.apk /system/app”

then type: “adb push GoogleServicesFramework.apk /system/app ”

you should see something similar to the picture below.

Step 3:

Your almost finished!

Type in “adb shell”

then: “cd /system/app ”

You are going to want to change the permissions of the Vending.apk, and GoogleServicesFramework.apk.

Type: “chmod 6755 Vending.apk”

you should see comfirmation “chmod 6755 Vending.apk”

Type: “chmod 6755 GoogleServicesFramework.apk”

just like the Vending.apk you should see a confirmation.

Type: “exit”

Type: “adb reboot”

Your color nook will reboot and you now have the market. Enjoy!!

Last notes-

I had a few issues when i would be going from rom to rom on my nook. I would constantly get a GoogleServicesFramework.apk force close. I fixed this by going into the the settings of the device, click application, go into the manage application. Click the all tab and go to the GoogleServicesFramework and clear the data, do the same with your contact storage. ** This erase all of your contacts, create a back up! ** Reboot your devices and the force close should be fixed. I will post any other bugs that i find and hopefully fixes with them.


**all credit goes to the xda developers, they are awesome!!


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HoneyComb for the Color Nook-PC

Recently I purchased a Color Nook, and as soon as I got it I had to get Honeycomb on it. I loved it so much that I had to get the word out. Getting the nook to run honeycomb is a fairly easy task, but I thought that a lot of the webpages i visited to get the process done where scattered. I would like to write my own how to to help with the confusion.

what you will need

  • micro sd card at least 4 gb or better. Also I think the card must also be a class 4 or better.
  • on XDA developer’s site download the most recent nookHoney build, also download WinImage.

Step 1:

Insert your Sd card into your computer, and run winImage as administrator.

Click Disk and Select Restore Virtual Hard Disk image on physical drive..

Select your sd card from the list.



Step 2:

Once you have selected your sd card, winImage is going to ask you which file you would like to write to the card. Selected where you have saved the nookHoney.img file. Go to the folder to which the file is saved and select it. If you do not see your file listed make sure that you have the the all files option selected like below.


Step 3:

You are almost done:D, WinImage is now writing the file to your sd card. Once it has finished eject your sd card, power down the color nook and insert the card into the nook. Power on the Color nook and..


Step 4:



This weekend I was blessed to take a trip to fry’s. I aquired a 16gb class 10 sd card that I wanted to use to put Honeycomb. I wanted to add on here that its a lot of trouble to use the nookhoneyV04 with the class 10 cards. You will boot your device and for some reason honeycomb will ask you for a password to decrypt your data. There was a little fix that I noticed on xda website that you copy from the sd card the uImage and delete the file in the card. Then copy the uImage from the desktop to the sd card. This may or may not fix this issue. You will need to use the nookhoneyV03 if you plan on using a high class card. I was so frustrated with the bugs that I removed honeycomb.I’m now rocking CM7-RC2 on my sd card. I will post a how to on that soon its so fast and bugs are minimum.

thank you!

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Android AP ShortTimer-TBS

This android application was designed with contractor in mind, allowing the user to track time spent on multiple projects and clients.  The user interface is easy to use and includes quick one click options to clock in and out. The app also includes the option to export a single project or all projects at once. The export supports gmail, and dropbox.  Export format includes QuickBooks import file.

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